Angelica (angelica_yo) wrote in demi_selena,

Demi's new myspace picture.

Caption:  "i love her. God gave me an amazing friend. named selena. :)"

Need I say more? <3
Tags: media: photos
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LeatherJacket!Demi + LeatherPants!Selena = Death by OVERLOAD-OF-OVERT-GAY-AWESOME-NESS!!
so cuteeeee! i cannot wait to see this music video :)
the girl in the back is totally jealous.
definitely, she's a wannabe.
i like your icon! do you have the original pic still?

I totally awed at her caption
I love them both, but I prefer Demi's hair brown than black...Now she looks too much like Selena, especially in this picture. And Demi's caption is so adorable :)
i can't wait for the music video to come out! :D
yea i was thinking how insanely alike theyre starting to look.
i want demi's old hair back =[
well, married couples do tend to look more alike the longer they're together, so.
That's true, but i still like them better looking different :P
So awesome~ And I love the girl's "I approve" smile in the background :P
they look gorgeous.
& yeah, they do look really alike. . .
[and gay]
Holy *expletive*... k, 1. WITHOUT the caption, the pic is already gayer than Christmas, 2. the caption makes it eve gayer, 3. a little role reversal, huh, girls?, 4. COME OUT ALREADY!