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Fic Prompts

Okay, so, I tend to be a really irritable person to the people around me when I have writers block. And I have it bad right now. So, it has come down to either I find a way to get over it or my girlfriend kills me, lol. So what I am going to do is take prompts from all who want to offer, and from there I will see what sparks something. So, please help save my life by helping me get over this bout of writers block =D

edit if you wanna pester me with more ideas.. or pester me to write [honestly, i like being pestered!] and you have aim feel free to add me =D gestenuff
Tags: art: fanfic
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Deleted comment

^ thats a good one.

i was picturing them going camping....secluded from everyone else. maybe demi teaching selena how to fish lol
omg. i feel like that would be the most hilarious thing EVER. like, selena would be all "OMG, that's a worm, i am not touching that!" and demi would like, "it's the bait, YOU HAVE TO TOUCH IT."
the gears are a churning on this one
Prompt # 1 - accidentally, handcuffed together.

Prompt # 2 - topless soccer

Prompt # 3 - Neil Patrick Harris
hm. i think number one might be the only one i could somehow manage to pull off.
cookie dough
oh, the thoughts that just jumped into my head. =D
Do one on Demi's "most embrassing moment", i.e. of when her top fell off and Selena was the only there to see. ;)

I definitely second that!
There's this story i really wanted to do, but i just can't write it, so i want someone else (who's actually really good at writing) to write it.
Like an angsty kind of story inspired by or to the lyrics of Fences by Paramore.
I just think that would be awesome!
and I think you could write it well.
if you wanted too..
Oh, dude, I thought that was gonna be an easy write.. this one is gonna take a while, cause there is so much I can do with it.. Lol.
Does that mean your going to do it?
OMG yes!! :D
I'm sure it will be TOTALLY worth the wait. lol
I hope it's not TOO hard.
I'm trying to write a fic now and, everytime I listen to the song I can totally imagine the chorus bit, but i'm struggling a little with the rest cos i'm not sure exactly how i want it to go...
Anyway, good luck :P
I look forward to reading it!!!
It will be done. I promise. I just do not know when. It mainly goes along with the song.. the first verse being Demi the second being Selena.. It makes sense in my head.
Te he he...
I'm REALLY excited now.
I can't wait to read this story.
Pfft. it toally makes sense.
I think.
I'm too hyper active to tell.
Anyway, i so can't wait. It's gunne be great.
Ha, that rhymed!
Okay, i'm finished now...