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Demi, You Make It Too Easy Sometimes

So I found this a bit interesting:

In the second interview, the reporter specifically asks who her favorite MALE celeb crush is. She was goin' good with the "easy one" , Jake*,and then continued to metion John Mayer. But wait, no, Demi doesn't have a crush on him, she just want's to work with him...because she's GHEY he's only her inspiration.

And a little Demi math equation that I got from the quotes above the videos: Sonny + C.D.C.= Butt-heads
                                                                                                                                         Butt-heads = Crushing
So we can conclude that the two characters in P.P.P. are going to butt-heads, Demi said it herself, so it's reasonable to assume that they have a crush on eachother. As per Demi's logic.

Bring it on.

Oh, and the Halloween blood? That stuff stains skin, I know. I'm wonderin' just how they got it all off... >=J

*- I am a lesbian and I always used Jake as my "cover crush" . Just sayin'.
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we do math in this community?

but seriously, i think she saw that everyone says she's gay, and just made that up.
I agree. The first two times she was asked that it took her eons to come up with an answer. Now she's learned and has one prepared.

We aren't fooled, Demi.
I also noticed that the interviewer asked her for her male celebrity crush. That was kind of funny. He did the same thing when he interviewed Selena too. He should have followed with, "And who's your female celebrity crush?" :)

And both Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer are often rumored to be gay, aren't they? At least on the sites where I hang out, haha. I thought it was interesting that Demi said it would be weird to date John Mayer because he's a lot older than she is, yet she has previously stated that she likes older guys. Um... I guess not that much. Clearly it's just her excuse for why we won't see her with a boyfriend... ever.

LMAO I thought the same thing as you about the fake blood. It's usually made with edible ingredients...

PPP is going to be so gay. I can't wait.
HAHA! So good. She can't keep her little reasons for not having a BF "straight" anymore. (LAWL I am so pun-ny! ><; XD)

Lord, I am so excited for PPP it's not even funny. The will over-power ANY hetero pairing.
Do they even have love interests in the movie? I guess they probably do... but the promos so far make it look like a classic Disney ~story of friendship~ about just the two of them, a.k.a. their gay love story.
Yeah, I heard in some promo thing that Demi's character was going to basically help hoop-up Selena's character with her crush. But I could be wrong, and hopefully am lol
I'm rooting for their gay love story hardcore!!!!
Yeah, they said that the tall dude from Minutemen has a crush on Selena's character. I'm hoping that Demi's character gets jealous, and then they have a fight to win Selena's love. And Demi wins. That's how I wish the movie's going to turn out.
He so should have asked that second question! I tried to find the Selena interview where they ask that and couldn't. Which one was it?
On her guilty pleasures: “Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough ice cream — what I do is I only eat the cookie dough out of the ice cream.”

Isn't that Selena's guilty pleasure too?