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Fic: Joeys Commercial

Title: Joey's Commercial
Paring: Selena/Demi
Rating: K+
This came to me while watching Selena's new video. It's kinda random so it might not be good but I hope you enjoy. Criticism is appreciated. It's from Demi's POV.


I’m bored and usually I’m okay with that but tonight being bored meant sitting around thinking and I didn’t want to think about how much I missed my best friend and love of my life, Selena Gomez. She didn’t know I loved her and I didn’t intend to tell her, yet at least.

So, being bored and not knowing what else to do I get on the computer and decide to go to Twitter. She hasn’t posted anything so I go to her YouTube page and see she has a new video. It’s titled ‘Joeys Commercial’ so it must have something to do with the little girl she’s doing the movie with. I let it load and absentmindedly check my phone, no messages. I look up from my phone and see the video is fully loaded. I smile as Selena comes across the screen with Joey casually laying on her lap. I continue to watch as Joey talks about Trident gum and Mentos while I hear my girls sweet laugh.

They sing together and I have the sudden thought of if Sel will ever sing along with our kids, wait did I just say that? I’m going crazy but strangely a part of me doesn’t care. Lately, I’ve learned to live in my hopes of Selena because even though I know it won’t happen I can’t seem to stop myself from picturing being married to her and having a few kids. It’s the only thing that keeps me going while she is miles away.

The video continues and Selena kisses Joey on the side of the head and I again imagine Selena holding and kissing a mini Selena. I can’t help but get lost in my thoughts of watching Selena running around in a large back yard that I hope to have with a dog and a young child.

I picture me sitting on a deck watching but shortly being pulled as Selena says, “I’m not the only one playing with our daughter, come on.” I would take her hand smiling and chase after them until we were all too tired to stand and collapse in a heap on the lawn. I’m smiling as I continue to imagine laying on the grass and Selena staring into my eyes leaning forward to kiss me when I heard a very loud buzzing coming from my phone sitting next to me on the desk causing me to jump.

“Hello.” I say shakily.

“Dem, are you okay? You sound different.” I heard the object of my desire say.

“Yeah, Sel, I was just freaked when the phone rang. What’s up?” I said trying to slow down my heart and pulling up an old picture of me and Sel together.

“We just finished filming and I wanted to call you ‘cause we haven’t talked in a really long time.” She half whined.

“We talked yesterday.” I stated even though I wasn’t complaining.

“Oh, well it feels like we haven’t talked for a really long time. Anyways, did I tell you what Joey said today?”

“No, tell me.” I listened intently as she explained the newest funny thing that her young co-star did.

“So when do I get to see you next?” she asked somewhat out of the blue.

“Soon. When do you get back?” I asked hoping for it to be tomorrow but knowing that couldn’t be.

“In like two weeks. I can’t wait to see you.” I could tell from her voice that she was pouting.

“Me either.” I sighed.

“You want to know something weird?” I heard her ask after a few seconds of silence.

“Sure.” I replied smiling at her change of subject.

“I never really thought about having kids until I met Joey now I can totally imagine having two or three kids and a big yard.” She paused and I heard her take a deep breathe before she continued and asked, “You want to know the weirdest part?”

“Yeah.” I replied not really knowing how she could continue.

“The other person in that yard who’s playing with the kids is you, not a guy. Whenever I think of my future I see you.”

I smiled and asked, “What do you think it means?”

There was silence for a few moments before she replied, “I think it means we’re supposed to be together, when we’re older and moved out it’s supposed to be us in a house.” I started to feel worried so I asked,

“We don’t get married?” trying to sound calm but freaking out waiting to see her response.

“Maybe we’re supposed to marry each other.” She replied and I could hear the honestly in her voice.

“Do you want to marry me?” I asked before I could stop myself.

“Was that a proposal, Miss Lovato?” she asked playfully.

“Only if you’re accepting.” I replied joking back.

“Are you serious?” I knew my best friend well enough to know she wasn’t mad but I was still worried she didn’t want what I wanted.

“Maybe we should talk when you get back.” I offered but she stopped me by saying,
            “Do not get off of the phone until you answer my question Demetria.” I knew she was serious when she used my full first name so I sighed and decided upon honestly.

“Honestly, I do want to marry you. I’ve wanted to marry you when we were eight years old and we used to play house and you decided we should both be the sisters and Dallas could be our mom. I wanted Dallas to go away and you and I play like we were the parents to our dolls. When I saw the video of you with Joey I imagined you with a child and us running chasing after her until we became tired.” I stopped my rant and started to feel tears threaten to fall from eyes as the silence edged on.

Finally after what felt like an eternity Selena replied, “Well, if you’re offering I’m accepting. I mean we already have the rings and we love each other. I know I love you and I’m pretty sure you love me but.”

I stopped her and almost yelled, “Yes, I love you but do you love me in a friendship way or in more because I love you more than friendship but if you love in just friendship that’s fine I guess but then we’d kinda be like Will and Grace and”

I realized I was rambling when I heard Selena laugh and say, “I love in more than a friendship way. I always have, I was just too chicken to tell you.”

“Me too.” I said laughing.

“So it’s settled we’ll get married when we get older.”

“Okay. Sounds great to me.” I sighed a sigh of relief at knowing I would be with her for the rest of my life.

“I gotta go ‘cause I’m gonna get dinner than go to bed but I love you and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Ok, I love you too.” We hung up and I decided it was time for bed also so I climbed under my comfy sheets and dreamed of my life with Selena Marie Gomez.

Tags: art: fanfic, created by: semifan19

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