January 19th, 2009

Demi Photoshoot

Demi's friends undress her

HAHA Ok, so the subject title is misleading :P But... read this!

TeenHollywood: Yikes! Is it weird to have a doll of yourself out there?

Demi: Yeah, especially when my friends tell me that they change her clothes. That's a little weird.

Does anybody else think that maybe Selena has a Demi Camp Rock doll? (There's pictures of Selena at Target checking out the Camp Rock doll...I'll try to find them and post them later.)

Demi Photoshoot

Demi: Tell your friends that you love them

TeenHollywood: How do you feel about Valentine's Day? It's coming up.

Demi: (laughs) I've hated Valentine's Day (in the past) but what I loved about it is when I realized it's not only about spending the day with people you fall in love with, which I really haven't done yet, but I've spent a Valentine's Day where my whole family celebrated it together and told each other reasons why we love each other and also telling your friends that you love them. It's funny. Last Valentine's Day my sister gave me a Valentine with my face on it! That was definitely a Valentine's Day first.

It's just something small. But I thought I'd share anyway.