January 22nd, 2009

Demi Photoshoot

Demi: Who Needs a Boyfriend

I love this! The closer it gets to Valentines Day the more Demi says she doesn't need a bf.


'One of my favorite memories was Valentine's Day with my family. Valentine's is my stepdad's birthday and that day it was the only thing we were celebrating. We had a family friends come over and they brought every girl..

..a rose a balloon and a card that said 'Happy Valentine's Day. It was so sweet, and we had a giant cookie, which is the best thing in the world. Another great way to spend Valentine's Day is to watch The
Notebook, pickles and hang
out with friends.'

Who else thinks Demi wants a V-Day date with Selena? Family friends *Cough Selena!*


Fanfiction Question

Firstly, I do not know how to tag this.
Secondly, if it is not allowed, I am sorry.

Basically, I am deadlocked on fanfiction ideas.. almost every single thing I come up with just seems so.. overused. Are there any certain plotlines you would like to read? I guess this is kinda like a prompt thing.. I looked at one post that had a prompt dump thing going on.. but nothing there really stuck out.. and there wasn't that much.. so yeah.. I guess this means I am taking prompts to write some stories.. -D