January 27th, 2009

Demi Photoshoot

Selena: She's a Lady

So maybe I'm just crazy and thinking way too into this and overanalyzing and whatever...BUT... the other day Selena posted a video of her hanging out with a bunch of guys (Forever the Sickest Kids) and she was singing "She's a Lady." I think Selena's the guy in this relationship. After all, Demi has said that Selena's more of the tomboy while she (Demi) is the girlie girl who likes makeup and shopping.

PS. If this doesn't belong here tell me. I'll delete the post

And again with the Valentines Day thing!

Demi Lovato knows a thing or two about Valentine’s Day. She once had her heart broken on Valentine’s Day. The experience was bitter enough that she penned her song Don’t Forget in order to make sure she always remembered what happened.

“I was really into this guy and I figured he was going to ask me to be his Valentine,” Demi told Tiger Beat. “Then he got a girlfriend and forget about me! I was bummed and alone on Valentine’s Day. So I wrote ‘Don’t Forget’”

Demi turned a negative into a positive, after all. Now, she’s not as worried about boys on Valentine’s Day. Instead, she’s decided to keep the focus where it really matters, on her family.

“One of my favorite memories is from a special Valentine’s Day I shared with my family,” she said. “Valentine’s Day is my dad’s birthday and that day it was the only thing we were celebrating. We had a family friend come over and they brought every girl a rose, a balloon, and a card that said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.”

She loved the simple gift.

“It was so sweet, and we had a giant cookie, which is the best thing in the world.”

Demi Lovato hopes her fans will remember what’s important on this special day.

“I think Valentine’s Day is really about loving your family,” she said. “My family is really, really close, so we spend it together. Another great way to spend Valentine’s Day is to watch The Notebook, eat pickles, and hang out with friends.”

So I know I posted this before, but this time Selena said it was a family friend, meaning only ONE person! And she said "they" not he/she. Gender neutrality :)