January 28th, 2009

First RPF Here Comes The Thunder

Hey this is my first Fan fiction story in a while so I hope you like it. I was originally going to do a one shot but it got a little to long for that so it's going to be a short story. Anyways! I might switch the POV later on, but I'm not sure yet.
Oh I should tell you it's a little dark and gets angsty as it goes on. So you've been warned!

Here Comes the Thunder

It started to rain. This may sound strange but I love the rain; the pitter patters of it on the roof, the dark clouds covering the sky, I adore it.
Except for the thunder, I hate thunder. Lightning on the other hand is beautiful, but it’s always followed by thunder. It’s loud bone shaking roar always ruining the perfect electric blue streak that lights up the sky. Something always has to ruin something beautiful.

I sighed quietly to myself as I leaned my head against the living room window, my breath fogging up the glass. My parents were out to dinner again, for the third night in a row. Not that it bothered me; they deserve time to be by themselves. I flipped my phone open with my thumb. Brandon went back home to Texas yesterday, I can’t believe I miss him so much already. My eyes met the numbers 10:00 when suddenly a message popped up, from Miley.
With squinted eyes and a confused look I stared at the name. Needless to say I’m more than a little confused. It’s not that I don’t like Miley by any means, it’s just. Well I never talk to her. Ever.
I opened it and read it carefully:

“Have you heard from Demi?”

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