February 11th, 2009


FIC; Drabble Challenge Thing

So, I have seen a few of my friends doing this, and figured I would give it a shot. Basically, I put my iTunes on shuffle and wrote drabbles to the first ten songs that played. The catch; I only had the length of the song to write it! FYI; I laughed my butt of when the Spanish version of This Is Me came up.. =D

Rating; G-PG
Pairing; Demilena

You can read them here =D

Video To Demi on "The Daily 10!"

Sooo I recorded the segment of Demi on E!'s "The Daily 10!" that there was another discussion about, but takemeback told me to post another topic with it so that everyone could see it and, well, discuss! :D

I don't think she could get much clearer.
Btw, all the little JB fangirlies are crapping their pants in my video's comments since Demi said she went shopping with Joe. -_- I don't think there are even any pictures of them shopping together from recently, so I don't really believe that they went. But maybe I just don't care to look for those pictures. Meh.