February 23rd, 2009


FIC; Asylum

Okay, so, due to certain friends telling me I need to watch Supernatural, I did. And in the middle of an episode, I got this amazing fic idea. I am not gonna go into major detail because, let's face it.. that would just ruin the story. =D

Title; Asylum
Rating; R
Summary; Selena just thought Demi might need a little break from California.. she just didn't know how fragile her girlfriend really was.
Author's Note; At some points, this may get a little bit dark. But believe me, it does have a happy ending.
Author's Note II; If you want to read more on the Asylum used in this fic, it is called Eloise. It is no longer in operation, but I was once in a hospital very close to there, and I have been through the ruins.. it is truly one of the most terryfying places I have ever been in my life.. but also the perfect setting for a story like this. It is located in South-Eastern Michigan, in the Wayne-Westland area in Wayne County.

This is only a teaser for what is going to come =D


Fic: Terrible Angels (Demi/Selena; PG)

I'm so sorry about this...

Title: Terrible Angels
Rating: PG-Tish?
Word Count: ~900 (It was meant to be a drabble..)
Pairing: Demi/Selena
Summary: During a third world war, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez succeed in taking over the world. Literally.
Warnings: Violence. Allusions to more violence. I don't really think it's that bad, as this is entirely unrealistic and something I considered crack/sort-of-violent fluff, though either way, if gun-wielding Disney stars aren't your thing, you might want to skip out on this fic. There be killings (at least implied).
Notes: I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested in a fic like this, but I thought I would link it in case. :)

Also I'm also going to mention now that this was written on request, because as this happens to be my first post in this lovely comm, I truly do not want to come off as unhinged. ♥♥

posted @ my fic journal:

( Demi wore her lipstick into battle like a bright-red military badge. )

On A Night Like This

For all you lovely 200+ members, this video is dedicated to you!

I got the idea for this when Demi twittered to check out the song and it immediately reminded me of something she'd listen to about Selena. The vid isn't specifically Demi's POV, though, it's both of their's. No real plotline, just explaining that they love each other. :)
This isn't the awesomeness that I wanted it to be, but I figured it was still pretty good. Enjoy!

Song: On A Night Like This
Artist: Dave Barnes