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New Interviews From Magazines

Sooo I went to Walmart a few hours ago and got two new magazines cuz they had posters of Demi and Selena in them. :) To pass some time, I was reading a few 'articles' I guess you could call them with Demi and Selena and I found a few things that may be of interest. This is gonna be a lot to type out, but I have nothing better to do!


In TWIST, Selena and Demi talked about their 'biggest fight ever'. It goes like this:
"There were feelings we both needed to say," Demi opens up exclusively to TWIST. "I just called her and was like, 'There are some things that I need to say.' And Selena was like, 'OK, just say it, so we don't fight.' Then I said what was bothering me, and Selena was like, 'OK, I'm sorry.' And I said, 'Me, too.'"
Then Selena told her part of the story when the mag caught up with her. She said, "Sometimes, especially with me and Demi, we get caught up when we're doing different things. We need to make sure we have time for each other and really appreciate our friendship." "We don't like to stay mad at each other," Demi tells us. Sel adds, "Thank goodness me and Demi have the relationship we do. We'll sit down and talk to each other and say, 'Look, I'm feeling this way, so let's fix it because I love you.' Sometimes we need to be reminded that we need each other."

Sheesh that was a lot to type out. But, come on. 'Feelings' that needed to be said? 'Appreciating' their 'friendship'? 'Relationship'? 'Because I love you'?! It's not so subtle anymore. To me, this screams more than friends. I'm not like this even with my closest of girl friends. Nowhere near. But maybe it's just me.. Then in a little bubble thing to the side, it said, "We rant about boys and how we don't need 'em!" Demi jokes with TWIST. I have no comment on that one.
Now onto the next magazine!

Selena talks about her upcoming album. She said, "Most of my songs are about love. I am a 16-year-old teenager, and I sing about what is on every girl's mind. Love!" Then she starts talking about a particular song called 'Head First' (which the magazine is hell-bent on proving is about Nick Jonas when that's just a bunch of crap) and she explains it by saying, "It's just about going through an issue with a crush and having to deal with why you like this person, and it drives you mad that you like this person." She also said what drives her mad, and she said, "Poor cell phone skills. You are always like, 'Why didn't they call me? Why didn't they do this?' Just overanalyzing things." Then J-14 goes on about how it's about Nick and giving reasons why, yadda yadda. I skipped that part. :D
But anyway, don't you notice how gender-neutral she's being? In places where it would be so obvious to say 'he' she says 'this person' or 'they' or 'a crush'. Whenever I read or hear something from Miley, it's always 'he' or 'him'. And when she says that she writes what every 16-year-old would write about, she says 'love'. Wouldn't you think the obvious answer would be 'boys'? It 'drives her mad that she likes this person' and she has to 'deal with why she likes this person'. It's just things like that that make you wonder. As for the Nick Jonas BS, I think Selena and whatnot lets all the media believe that so as to not hint to her and Demi. But that's me being way too over analytical. :P

Aaaand that is the end of my round of information as to how discreet yet obvious they are being. What do you guys think? I think I'm just crazy and have no life, but maybe you agree with me on these little snippets of information! Discuss!
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