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J-14 Article

I was just looking around a Demi Lovato fansite's magazine scans when I came accross this one that is sorta interesting.  It's small but it stood out to me.

In the scan, it doesn't even mention a 'he', 'him', or even a 'they'! All it says is "..a close pal." Sooo much gender neutrality these days. But anyway, that's not what really caught my eye. The little bubble to the side is what got me. It says what her perfect date would be, "I would love to watch the stars on the beach at night," she reveals.
Now, the other day someone posted a topic which had Selena revealing her perfect date. And ALSO in that post, was Demi's song that she wrote called 'Stronger' that basically described Selena's date. It's all adding up! Selena said her best date was at "nighttime" and "on the beach." Coincidence that ALL of these things are describing the same event? I think not!

Credit goes to for the scan.
Tags: discussion: demi, discussion: selena, media: article, proof: gender neutrality, proof: it only makes them stronger

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