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Hello everyone! So, I've been stalking, watching, I've just stumbled upon this community!  >.>;

Well in any event, I decided to finally post a hello, of sorts. And I come baring a gift (unless you don't like it, then I accidently put the cut here). I didn't want to introduce myself without contributing to this awesome comm. Besides, Demi and Selena are so gay, how can I not?

So, this is my first Demi/Selena story and my first RPS as well, so I hope I haven't shamed the world with its suckiness. XD Oh, and also, I'm so sorry if I screw anything up in the post, I rarely write in LJ like this. So, please tell me how you liked (or didn't ) the story and let me know how to improve and all that jazz.

Title: Patience Is A Virtue
Pairing: Really? I wonder...(Dem/Sel). Obvs.
Rating: PG
Summary: Demi Lovato ponders a few things.
'Tis a one-shot. Most likely....
Disclaimer:...I don't own Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. (Disney does! lawl) Srsly though, Disney owns the Justin and Harper characters from Wizards of Waverly Place. And the show...WoWP. <--lazy. So, enjoy! ^_^

P.S. It isn't beta'd so I apologize for any errors made. I place the blame on Bill Gates.


Demi Lovato hated very few things in life. In fact, she could probably count them all on one hand; she hated the gossip magazines that chatter about her incessantly, she hated that if she went to sleep without washing her face her eyeliner would smudge and she’d look like a raccoon when she woke up, and she also hated the term ‘best friend’, sometimes anyway. It was like this term was some kind of barrier, an invisible line that would not allow her to cross into being ‘more than friends’ with Selena. Every single time Demi thought she was making headway, every extra long hug or a walk with linked arms, Selena brought up that word…


            “I’m so happy you’re my best friend, Dem! I don’t know what I’d do without ya’!”


            “Oh Sel, if you only knew…” Demi constantly thought.


            Demi Lovato had known for a long time that she preferred the finer sex, not to say she hadn’t dabbled in boys for a short period of time, she just found that the spark was missing, the ‘heart in your throat, butterflies in your stomach” feeling that she suspected all lasting relationships had. She also knew exactly who caused those feelings to well up inside her. Selena Gomez, her best friend. Demi had spent many a night with her face flat on her desk, music blaring, thinking about why she liked Selena so much, what it was about her, and why it had to be her. She never came up with an adequate answer.


            The Lovato Gomez team had always shared their deepest, darkest secrets with each other, but one subject they never really spoke about was sexuality, more specifically, each others’ sexuality. Demi supposed it was because Selena never thought to ask about it, who would think Demi Lovato was gay? She had so much chemistry with that Jonas brother in Camp Rock. And Demi never dared to bring up that particular subject for fear of her secret coming out.


Hah, coming out...I’m so pun-ny!” she intoned wryly.


“…and then…then, David says to Jennifer, ‘Harper, why are you dressed like a white carnation?’ Get it?! Because… Justin’s band name? Alabaster carnation?! Oh it’s so good Dem. Dem? Demi?!”


            “Wha-…oh, yeah…ha-ha! That sounds hilarious Sel. I can’t wait for that episode to air!” replied Demi, surprised she had been caught off guard.


            “Geez, it’s like you’re in another world today. Consider comin’ back to this one for a while? I barely see you as it is. I do not appreciate you spacing in the precious few moments I have with you, Miss Lovato.” Selena mock scolded, brow furrowed in a faux-angry look.


            Demi cocked her head to her side and smirked, “Oh, shut-up, you dork.”


            Selena giggled and reached down to link her hand with Demi’s.


            “Okay, best friends, fine. I’ll deal with it. For now, anyway.” Demi nodded to herself.


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