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Sleepovers (Part 3)

So I’m guessing you liked the last 2 chapters well enough. Here’s part 3. *Gulp* Here goes everything….switch back to Demi’s POV

Part 1 (Demi POV):
Part 2 (Selena POV)
Part 3 (Demi POV): Below.

I sighed. My bed was covered in pickle juice. But at least my best friend (who I wanted to be more than friends with) wasn’t. Selena had already started stripping away the sheets. Oh how I wish I could strip something too…not necessarily the sheets. I had just vented all my emotions out and I had no idea what to do now. She was acting normal, but for me it was hard. I mean, HELLO?! I freakin’ just came out of the closet…both literally and figuratively!! Ha wow, I’m just so sarcastically funny.


“Dem? You ok?” Selena caught me staring at her. By now my bed was about as clean as it was going to get. She had picked up the jar of pickles again and was sucking the juice off a pickle. It was sending all my sexual nerves into a fervor. I’m gonna admit, I was getting slightly turned out.

“Umm yeah. I’m fine.” I struggled to keep my tone even. She wasn’t buying it. She placed the jar of pickles down on the side table and held out her hand.

           “Come here.” she urged gently.
           “I’m fine. Really.” I didn’t know what touching her would do to me. Especially after what happened. I would probably end up trying to make out with her. God! SHUT UP! JUST STOP THINKING DEMI!

“No you’re not.” She accused. I had acquired the skill to act like a “smiley zombie” in front of the press and paparazzi. It’s taken years of practice, but in front of Selena I can’t hide anything. I shook my head. “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” She said gently, almost a whisper. She sounded hurt. I was refusing to go to my usual “shelter”: the arms that held me when I was at my lowest. She held out her pinky. “I promise.” she said again, more firmly this time. I walked over cautiously, monitoring my own emotions as I made my way closer to the bed, reaching out my hand, I linked my pinky with hers. I knew what was next. She kissed my hand and I did the same to hers. The gesture sent my heart into a whirlwind of hysteria. “We need to talk about this seriously.” She said. I pulled back. “I’m not mad at you because of your wrist Dem. I’m mad at myself for causing it. You know I would never want to hurt you.” Her voice quivered. She was tearing up. I had to look away. Seeing her cry would send me running for the bathroom, dying for a razor. I hate being the reason she’s upset. GOD DAMN IT DEMI SUCK IT UP! I took a step towards her and our eyes met.

“You could never hurt me.” I said.

“But I feel like I have.”

“You didn’t.” I promised. “It’s not possible.” I assured. She was quiet. “Can I try something?” I practically whispered. I can’t believe I’m doing this. She nodded. I sat on the bed across from her and leaned my face as close to hers as possible. Our lips were less than a centimeter apart. I looked into her sparkling eyes. She seemed calm. I gently leaned in meeting her lips with mine. They were barely touching but they still sent a chaotic cycle of shock all over my body. I pulled away quickly. She looked away. SHIT! WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT? GOD DEMI YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ IMPUSLIVE. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEARN TO CONTROL YOURSELF?!?!?!?  I took a step back and watched her. She was gazing out at something imaginary. For the first time in a long time I couldn’t read what she was thinking. It scared me. Finally she cleared her throat.

“Umm…” she began.
           “I just…I don’t know why I…it just sort of…” I had no excuse. I had just kissed my best friend and nothing was going to make it right again.

“Dem,” she stood up. “Just shut up and listen.” She said more affectionately than mean. “I have to talk to you about Nick.” She took a step toward me. I felt myself tear up. Why was she bringing him up right now? God just give me the razor already! “Nick and I broke up because of you.” I knew that. I ruined her relationship with her perfect guy. I’m such a horrible friend.
           “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your relationship. I don’t know what I did. What can I do to make it better?” I asked, even though it killed me to say. All I wanted was for her to smile again. “What can I do? I just want you to be happy.”

“Dem, you didn’t ruin anything. I broke up with him.”
           “What? But why?” I was so confused.
           “I told you already.” she was still calm. “You.” was all she said.
           “But I don’t understand. I thought…” She cut me off by crashing her lips to mine. It was an emotional, passionate, desperate, angst filled kiss. I felt her tongue grace my lower lip and I eagerly parted them. Our tongues battled for dominance until our lungs finally gave in, and we pulled apart gasping for air.

“You.” She said again. I beamed.

“Your kisses taste like pickles” I joked.

“Psh! You liked it” She laughed, grabbed the pickle jar. “And the last one’s mine.” She said pulling out the pickle slice, licking it. “Mmm!” She teased, putting it half in her mouth, biting it with her teeth. I launched toward her and bit the other half. Our lips touched again. I felt her lips curl up into a smile as I bit off the half that was in my mouth. She did the same. I waited for her to swallow before going in again. This time the kiss was passionate, but more beautiful, romantic, and perfect.

“God! I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” I sighed, relieved.
           “Well I’m not gonna stop you.” She giggled.
           “You better not.” I grinned, kissing her again until she was lying on her back on my bed.

“You’re mine.” she said when we pulled apart.
           “You’re mine. Don’t you forget it.” I replied.
           “How could I? You’re unforgettable.” She laughed. I kissed her again and moved to lay next to her. She placed her arm around my waist and I did the same. “Night Dem.” she whispered.

“Night Dork.” I whispered before having the best night of sleep in my life.

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