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fic at my journal; pt 1/?

Title: Can't Think of One lol
Rating: PG
Summary: It's just a fluffy ficlet that I wrote, there is more to come if it is wanted. Demi, Selena, Camp Rock cast, and other disney stars have fun over the summer and demi/sel realize they love each other with help from some friends and family.
A/N: Ok, so this is my first attempt at a fic and I honestly don't know if its worth reading but I would really appreciate comments and readers. I'm only gonna post the next part(s) if you think I should. Thanks for reading!

Tags: art: fanfic, created by: hyper_hamster
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Please remember to tag your entries in the future. http://community.livejournal.com/demi_selena/19161.html
I'm soooo sorry about that...I had no clue how to tag it, that was my first time posting anything.
It's fine, I'm just leaving comments for everyone who isn't tagging so they know to do it in the future.

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wow thanks so much! =D part 2 is in the works