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Demi, You Make It Too Easy Sometimes

So I found this a bit interesting:

In the second interview, the reporter specifically asks who her favorite MALE celeb crush is. She was goin' good with the "easy one" , Jake*,and then continued to metion John Mayer. But wait, no, Demi doesn't have a crush on him, she just want's to work with him...because she's GHEY he's only her inspiration.

And a little Demi math equation that I got from the quotes above the videos: Sonny + C.D.C.= Butt-heads
                                                                                                                                         Butt-heads = Crushing
So we can conclude that the two characters in P.P.P. are going to butt-heads, Demi said it herself, so it's reasonable to assume that they have a crush on eachother. As per Demi's logic.

Bring it on.

Oh, and the Halloween blood? That stuff stains skin, I know. I'm wonderin' just how they got it all off... >=J

*- I am a lesbian and I always used Jake as my "cover crush" . Just sayin'.
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