Cailin (sharrk) wrote in demi_selena,

Selena has a new myspace picture!

...and it's gay!
Caption: "I do not deserve such a wonderful person in my life... I LOVE her so much!"

Is she being a little too obvious?
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Deleted comment

I'm sure it was Selena's fault that it needed fixing.


9 years ago

was this ever posted?
Image Hosted by
I'm not sure, but it's significantly more gay.


9 years ago


8 years ago

Is she being a little too obvious?
YES! ^_^
eeeeeek adorable!
I LOVE!! oooooooooohhhh and she didnt write friend anywhere... mmmmm yea i think its TOO OBVIOUS lol... i bet she's been here and just wanted to give us a little present :P and more obviousness :D
Wow. G-A-Y.
When's the video coming out?? The more photos they post, the more impatient I become :(
I wish I knew. :\
soooo sprung.
quite enthusiastic about the LOVE part. haha. they've been showing their gay more and more lately. i love it.


February 21 2009, 20:17:14 UTC 9 years ago

Wow. The picture and the comment are both significantly GAYER than Demi's. I think I died when I read her caption <3

Gosh, I love them!

They might as well just COME OUT already.
I really don't think that caption could get any sweeter(:

haha I don't think they're too obvious. They need be more obvious so those jemi shippers can realize that Joe and Demi will never be.
I've came across some jemi shippers,not intentionally, and trust me they are nuts. We could have a photo of Demi and Selena making out and they would still make up a reason for why that means her and Joe are in love.
Teasing us on purpose?
They are crazy, aren't they? I know a girl who ships them, and the obsessive factor is NOT even funny!! They need to realize that its never gonna happen with Joe and Demi, they SO would not make a cute couple!!