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Alex With a Chance

Hello my gorgeous Semi fans and fangirls :)

So I came up with a brilliant idea today and I was quite excited to be the first one to write something like this...but I decided to begin a Wizards of Waverly Place/Sonny with a Chance crossover!! The pairing will be Sonny/Alex because I am not liking this Sonny/Chad Dylan Cooper business. Plus, the interesting/funniness that will ensue over Zora and Max being friends? Justin liking Tawni and being friends with Grady and Nico who are also huge nerds/dorks?

I just started it tonight so there's only an introduction and chapter one...since it's chapter one there isn't really any romance yet - just hints about it. I'm very excited about this pairing so please let me know what you think!! xoxo

Instead of reposting it here just click this link to my LJ -- the entry is public. Please let me know what you think.

(oh and in case some of you are unaware, this is ix3caughtfire, I just felt I needed a username change)

ETA: Just wrote Chapter 2, no sense in creating a new post for it.
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