Aubz (aubztastik) wrote in demi_selena,

FIC; Asylum

Okay, so, due to certain friends telling me I need to watch Supernatural, I did. And in the middle of an episode, I got this amazing fic idea. I am not gonna go into major detail because, let's face it.. that would just ruin the story. =D

Title; Asylum
Rating; R
Summary; Selena just thought Demi might need a little break from California.. she just didn't know how fragile her girlfriend really was.
Author's Note; At some points, this may get a little bit dark. But believe me, it does have a happy ending.
Author's Note II; If you want to read more on the Asylum used in this fic, it is called Eloise. It is no longer in operation, but I was once in a hospital very close to there, and I have been through the ruins.. it is truly one of the most terryfying places I have ever been in my life.. but also the perfect setting for a story like this. It is located in South-Eastern Michigan, in the Wayne-Westland area in Wayne County.

This is only a teaser for what is going to come =D

Tags: art: fanfic, created by: aubztastik

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