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Fic: Terrible Angels (Demi/Selena; PG)

I'm so sorry about this...

Title: Terrible Angels
Rating: PG-Tish?
Word Count: ~900 (It was meant to be a drabble..)
Pairing: Demi/Selena
Summary: During a third world war, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez succeed in taking over the world. Literally.
Warnings: Violence. Allusions to more violence. I don't really think it's that bad, as this is entirely unrealistic and something I considered crack/sort-of-violent fluff, though either way, if gun-wielding Disney stars aren't your thing, you might want to skip out on this fic. There be killings (at least implied).
Notes: I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested in a fic like this, but I thought I would link it in case. :)

Also I'm also going to mention now that this was written on request, because as this happens to be my first post in this lovely comm, I truly do not want to come off as unhinged. ♥♥

posted @ my fic journal:

( Demi wore her lipstick into battle like a bright-red military badge. )
Tags: art: fanfic, created by: ifanciful

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