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Well, in honor of the party I missed I'm going to post this little drabble  that my mind kind of just threw up. It's different from what I usually write, I think. Whatev. Let me know if, y'know, it's readable...and stuff...yeah... <.<;

Pairing: Demi/Selena (Have we even decided on a ship name yet? XD)
Rating: PG
Summary: "...because one glance never lit her on fire, but it set her at a constant, slow smolder."
She didn't know when it happened. Not that she didn't spend hours wondering nonetheless. She always knew that she was not like the other Disney starlets. She had never dated a Jonas, nor did she want to. She hated pink and made it a point to let people know. She had the hardest time coming up with a good celebrity crush (that wasn't female). She knew all this and more and still couldn't wrap her mind around why she liked her best friend in a way that was...a lot more friendly than it should be. It worried her for so many reasons. What would happen to her career, her fans, her friends, her family...
But mostly she worried because of the intensity...because one glance never lit her on fire, but it set her at a constant, slow smolder.
It was absolute and perfect torture. She never wanted that desire, that burn, to go away. She knew that one day it would be the end of her unless she doused it completely or let it take over. But the burn helped her, it helped her write, preform, live. It was her passion. And she would tell her one day...she had to...
Because losing that burn was not an option. One day she would let it consume both of them completely. And it would be wonderful.
One day...but not now. It couldn't be now...
So she will keep the flames at bay and let them lick at her consciousness every night and let them wake her up every day, until she can release them...
Because she wanted to...had to. She didn't have any other options

Tags: art: fanfic, created by: livrockluv32

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