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Hello. SO. I do not know if anyone has seen this, but here is Demi on Ellen (from awhile back). It SO deserves to be posted here. It must be watched.

A few points about the video:
She hugged Ellen first, I don't know why that matters to me.
I think her "nervous giggle" was in effect at a few points.
And now for the big ones:
She was bullied for her lifestyle. Dude, what lifestyle?! I know the FIRST thing that comes to my mind is lesbian, I mean, why the hell else would she say "lifestyle"?
And, the moment that made my heart stop for a moment?

"The thing that I want to, I guess, the way that I want to,uhm, impact girls, as a, y'know...."
"Role-model? You can say it!"
"Hah, okay, a role-model, heh..."
  Yeah, okay. I think Ellen just,like, wanted to save her career with the Mouse and stopped her short. That's okay, Ellen, you were protecting your own. We understand.

I thought she was going to say lesbian. I really, really, truly did. I mean, the whole interview was headed that way, IMO.

And the end? She was just into talkin' to the girl and Ellen was off to the side all nonchalantly "not caring" and stuff and them Demi noticed and gave her another awesome hug! I just awed. XD

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