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"When I like someone, they are constantly on my mind." - Demi
a demi&selena femslash community
16th-Feb-2009 06:35 pm - Fic: Actions Speak Louder (PG)
Title: Actions Speak Louder
Author: RVS (that's me)
Summary: They had been told time and time again that it was perfectly okay for them to be together, so long as no one outside of their inner circle knew about it.
Author's Note: Hi, I'm new! Hope you like it, sorry about the end but I couldn't resist.

15th-Feb-2009 06:01 pm - Something Small

I was looking through the latest issue of TWIST and I found this little interview/survey type thing Demi did. One of her answers just made me smile. It's small and may not mean much to you guys, but I thought I'd post it anyway. It would figure she'd say Selena as one of the 3 things she always has with her. ;) And then she tries to play it off by putting a little smiley face next to it. We can see right through your façade, Demi!


I would have just posted the scan in HTML, but it's HUGE!
14th-Feb-2009 02:38 pm - FIC; Forever
Here is a nice little Valentine's Day fic for y'all to enjoy.

Title; Forever
Rating; PG
Pairing; Demilena
Summary; On Valentine's Day, Demi uses one of her many epic connections to give Selena a gift for forever.

Forever @ My Journal

13th-Feb-2009 07:29 pm - EPIC!
lea michele, tiny_pixy

Looks like a double date to me.  =]

11th-Feb-2009 09:04 pm - Video To Demi on "The Daily 10!"

Sooo I recorded the segment of Demi on E!'s "The Daily 10!" that there was another discussion about, but takemeback told me to post another topic with it so that everyone could see it and, well, discuss! :D

I don't think she could get much clearer.
Btw, all the little JB fangirlies are crapping their pants in my video's comments since Demi said she went shopping with Joe. -_- I don't think there are even any pictures of them shopping together from recently, so I don't really believe that they went. But maybe I just don't care to look for those pictures. Meh.
11th-Feb-2009 01:24 pm - FIC; Drabble Challenge Thing
So, I have seen a few of my friends doing this, and figured I would give it a shot. Basically, I put my iTunes on shuffle and wrote drabbles to the first ten songs that played. The catch; I only had the length of the song to write it! FYI; I laughed my butt of when the Spanish version of This Is Me came up.. =D

Rating; G-PG
Pairing; Demilena

You can read them here =D

10th-Feb-2009 02:04 am(no subject)
Here is a little drabble I managed to throw together after listening to T-shirt by Shontelle an unhealthy amount of times in a row..

Title; T-Shirt
Pairing; Demilena
Rating; G
Summary; 'with nothing but your tshirt on'
Authors Note; I still don't know if the person is Demi or Selena...

nothing feels right when im not with you..
lea michele, tiny_pixy

Alright, truth be told... I still have no idea what this song is about, but I made it up along the way.  Haha.  There wasn't a premise to this video, but once I was done, I noticed that some sort of story could be told with this video.  Haha.

Demi and Sel are together, but Selena gets mad at Demi because she doesn't really want anyone to know.  She says all sorts of nice things about her, which causes Demi to just give in completely to their gayness.  HAHA.
4th-Feb-2009 05:32 pm - And again...she insists on no boys
Demi Photoshoot
Demi did an interview with Just Jared Jr. She wants to spent V-day with girls! Demetria, Demetria, just come out and say it already!

Demi Lovato made the media rounds last week in New York City, promoting her new series, Sonny With A Chance and the deluxe edition of her freshman album, Don’t Forget (out March 31).

The 16-year-old Disney darling took the time to chat with JustJaredJr.com and dish all about Sonny and her good friends, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

JJJ: Hi Demi! Are you familiar with Just Jared?

DL: Uh, DUH! (laughs) And your JR site is awesome! I’ve been addicted to your regular site forever. Yeah…I try not to [read them all] to be honest. You know what I mean? It’s really just the comments that are mean.

JJJ: All of my readers know what Sonny with a Chance is all about, has anyone played any pranks on set yet?

DL: Yes! We’ll do things behind…(pause) Oh, this is so weird, like, I’m star struck! My mom would freak if she knew that, like, JARED was sitting in here! So funny! (giggles) Okay, anyways, we play pranks on each other. Tiffany [Thornton] is one of my new best friends, I love her TO DEATH! She and I were waiting to go into a scene, but our cue wasn’t up yet, but we had these bread rolls. We would roll them across the floor to see if anyone noticed. And no one noticed the entire time! So, hopefully they’ll show it in the episode, our bread rolling across the floor. I don’t know, we have this thing called “Ortho,” like this giant mannequin that has a horror face mask on it, so it’s completely scary. They’ll hide it in people’s rooms, or in their shower, or in their bathroom. Whoever got scared last will do it, it’s like a chain thing. Someone even put a camera on it, too. They hid it in my room one time and it scared the living crap out of me!

JJJ: What’s your favorite memory of filming so far? How many episodes have you filmed?

DL: We’ve filmed 15 episodes and we have six left, but I don’t want it to be over yet because I’ve had so much fun! One of my favorite memories was last Friday when we were shooting and we just couldn’t stop laughing. I had had too much sugar, and two red bulls, so I was bouncing off the wall and I couldn’t stop laughing. We were all dying laughing, it was hilarious. There was no joke, we were just ridiculous. It was awesome.

JJJ: Miley Cyrus has been to your house for meatloaf…What did you guys do when she came over?

DL: Tiffany was over with her best friend Alicia, so the four of us were just hanging out in my room. Then we had dinner, there was lots of laughing, and then later Miley left with Justin [Gaston]. She’s hilarious! She fit right into my family, too! She had never met my whole entire family at once, but Tiffany had done an episode of Hannah Montana, so we all obviously knew each other. And, yeah, we were just hanging out and it was funny.

*Cough...mhmm. sure you were*

JJJ: Your friend Taylor [Swift] had her music on Grey’s Anatomy and she guest starred on CSI. Is there a show that you would want to guest star in or have your music on?

DL: I want to guest star on 30 Rock, because that would just be amazing. Because Sonny with a Chance is kind of like 30 Rock, and because Tina Fey is like, my home girl. She doesn’t know that, but, I love her. That would be amazing if I could guest star on that.

JJJ: How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

DL: I don’t know, I’m going to be in California…I’ll be with Tiffany and we’ll celebrating her birthday! No boys…(laughs)…you know, I don’t need a boy on Valentine’s Day!

*Wayyy too obvious, dearest*

3rd-Feb-2009 10:55 pm - In sync - Chapter four
Sorry I haven't been posting as frequent as I have with the other chapters. I've had allot to do for school these last two weeks.

Chapter four.Collapse )
3rd-Feb-2009 05:44 pm - Selena's Love Story Remix
Demi Photoshoot
So Selena wants everybody to hear this song redone by her fav. band Forever the Sickest Kids.


There's the link.

They remixed the words. Maybe that's why she likes it so much ;)
2nd-Feb-2009 11:59 pm - Oh, Really Demi?
Sqaure root of 4=Rainbows
Hello, hello. I was scanning the news for new Demi information (whilst putting off writing an AP English paper ><; ) and came across an article that I found interesting.

Demi says that, "The worst part about [being famous] is that you have to watch everything you say," Lovato told the Daily News. "You have to be very careful."

Interesting response, there.

What are you worried about sayin' Demi? Hm?

Here is the article if you want to read the whole thing:  
2nd-Feb-2009 09:14 pm - FIC; Can't Go Back
Here is something angst filled.

Title; Can't Go Back
Pairing; Demilena
Rating; R for themes.. some language.
Summary; Demi looks back on what went wrong

can't go back @ my journal
31st-Jan-2009 04:02 pm - Demi as a guy
Demi Photoshoot
Yeah...not sure where this should go, or if it fits in here.
31st-Jan-2009 01:34 pm - Here Comes the Thunder
Thank you guys so much for your wonderful comments on chapter one of this story! It meant the world to me that you enjoyed reading it.
Warning: Angst and sensitive topics occur. Please keep in mind that absolutely none of this is real or based on real facts. The info I used was manipulated into the story. It's all for entertainment.

Here's part II. I hope you like it =).
Part IICollapse )
Here is part two.. and, have faith, it will get to the Demilena.. I just need to get the Sellas out of my system.. because, yes, I made a name for the Selena/Dallas pairing!

Title; We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands
Pairing[s]; Demi/Selena, Selena/Dallas
Rating; PG-13
Summary; So what if Selena's first kiss with a girl was with Dallas? It isn't like Demi would care, right?

part I
part II
Here is my latest brainchild. I know it starts off a bit slow.. but trust me, it gets better and there is a TON of Demilena goodnes =D

Title; We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands
Pairing[s]; Demi/Selena, Selena/Dallas
Rating; PG-13
Summary; So what if Selena's first kiss with a girl was with Dallas? It isn't like Demi would care, right?

@ my journal

29th-Jan-2009 03:38 pm - Selena and Demi's date
Count Lovato, sexy, demi is a vamp
I don't know how, but I ran across this while surfing the web. I'm not sure if you've seen it before but I thought just in case, I'd post it. It's from last year, but...

I was reading over it and saw this:
'got the deets on her costume, her trick-or-treat date with Demi and more in the exclusive video above!'

I thought that was an... interesting choice of words.


Read more...Collapse )
28th-Jan-2009 06:23 pm - PPP Picture
Demi Photoshoot
Selena's expression just screams "I wanna make out with you"

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