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"When I like someone, they are constantly on my mind." - Demi

a demi&selena femslash community

Demi/Selena Femslash
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A community for femslash of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.
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This is a community for those interested in the femslash pairing of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. In other words, it means we think they would be a cute couple. And that they should date. Each other. And do other things that girlfriends do. If you are looking for a friendship community for Demi and Selena, or somewhere to post general news about them, try selena_and_demi instead. But if you're ready to embrace the gayness that is Lovez, we welcome you! After joining, please read the community orientation post.

Here you can share anything relating to Demi/Selena femslash. Some of what we have to offer: 1920s AU fan fiction, countless instances of gender-neutrality, fanvids, lyrical analyses, poorly-made manips, fanmixes, lesbian fashion picspams, party posts every Friday, fan art and graphics, scientific gaydar measurement tools, motivational "coming out" posters, constant obsessing over their Twitters, tons of fan fiction, shameless self-referencing, Sims adventures... and more! But you've got to join to get the goods!

1. Be respectful of other members. Be honest. Be yourself!
2. ALL POSTS TO THIS COMMUNITY MUST BE ABOUT DEMI AND/OR SELENA BEING GAY, PREFERABLY FOR EACH OTHER. Please read this post for more information on what is and isn't acceptable.
3. Use an LJ-cut for posts that are long or image-heavy. Embed videos if the option is available. If you want to show us pictures, include them, don't just post links. Please see here, here, and here if you do not know how to do this!
4. Icon posts are generally not accepted unless you are a well-established member and your icons are exceptionally gay. If you want to post icons, you absolutely must have mod permission first.
5. No posts about their Twitters. We host Twitter discussion posts every other Tuesday. Please save your discussion for that post only.
6. Fan fiction is allowed and encouraged, but please post only your own fan fiction! No fic recs! Please also follow the posting format for fics.
7. Please tag your entries appropriately!
Obviously, this community features real-person femslash (RPFS). If any part of that offends you, don't join. In addition, this is NOT your average shipping community. We reserve the right to remove ANY member at ANY time for ANY reason.

Your mods are

If you have a question or need to contact us for any reason, click here! Please note that all attempts to contact us any other way will be ignored.